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Stranded at an airport motel until morning. Eating a pizza in the middle of a king size bed. Watching Netflix. #winter #ohio

Stranded at an airport motel until morning. Eating a pizza in the middle of a king size bed. Watching Netflix. #winter #ohio

» Five Quarterly WINTER 2014

Go to p. 86 for Le Tony’s poem! And then go back & read the rest.  <3

» Are You Tired of the Social Justice Outrage Machine?
Read that book, wake up early in the morning and go for that run to start off your day. Buy the nicest underwear and wear it to boost your mood. Eat as clean as possible because you’ll feel so much better but treat yourself as well. Be kind to everyone. Go out to a cafe and watch people walk buy as you sip your coffee. Compliment that stranger! Start a conversation with that person on the bus. Read a book about food, about astronomy, learn a new language. Watch the sunrise. Get away for a weekend. Introduce yourself. Do yoga and go on a hike. Lay on the beach under the stars and have a dnm with your best friend. Dance around and sing at the top of yours lungs at that festival. Life is meant to be lived, not controlled.
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» Huffington Post's Exploited Voices
Much like the American Dream that is dangled before our noses, this offer is a trap. The trap being that labor exploitation, is masked as inclusion. We cannot broadcast progressive issues when the base of a project is already creating oppressive structures. The Huffington Post shows its not-so-progressive values when asking that we co-sign their exploitive practices. This project also echoes ideas of meritocracy, which  is capitalism’s favorite way of brainwashing us into believing that American individualism works if we just try hard to overcome structural barriers such as discrimination.

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» Miami University among fastest growing “Sugar Baby” schools in Ohio

File this one under bad press & institutional silence, for sure!

Le Tony—Foursquare: Metapoetics. #LSU #brla (at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux’s)

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» A Story Of Pluck And Courage In An Unforgiving Future

Chang-Rae Lee’s new novel! Ah, I want to revise my reading list AGAIN. 

January 3-9
  • Dinner/double date with Le Tony’s parents at DeStasi’s (in Cincinnati/Wyoming)
  • Brunch at the Blur Jay with Kurt and Nona
  • Cupcakes from Picnic and Pantry
  • Working Day at Starbucks + dinner at Aladdin’s Eatery (Cincinnati/West Chester)
  • Sunday packing & getting snowed/iced in
  • Monday snowed in morning & late start on ROADTRIP TO BATON ROUGE with Le Tony
  • TGI Friday’s dinner in Nashville
  • Night stay in Birmingham
  • Arrival in Baton Rouge Tuesday afternoon 
  • Dinner at Capital City Grill & dessert drinks at Lucy’s 
  • Garden District Coffee work day 
  • Radio Bar to meet Le Tony’s friends
  • Starbucks work day
  • Homecooked meals by Le Tony: Cheeseburger Pasta with Oven Roasted Broccoli, Beer-braised sauerkraut & Mashed Potatoes
  • Reading List: The Liar’s Club by Mary Karr & My Year of Meats by Ruth Ozeki
  • Submitted: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality Symposium abstract proposal

Weekend Wishlist:

  • 14th “monthiversary” with Le Tony
  • dinner at The Chimes 
  • New Orleans day trip with gumbos, beignets, & great photo opps
  • Cupcakes
She was in her stocking feet, which was no surprise since she always said that driving would ruin a good pair of heels like nothing else.
The Liar’s Club, Mary Karr
I might never get over how happy this tweet makes me every time I look at it again.

I might never get over how happy this tweet makes me every time I look at it again.

» When Imagining the Future--Start With Breakfast


By: Margaret Atwood

This may sound silly, but I like to wonder what people would have for breakfast—which people, as their breakfasts would be different—and where they would get those food items, and whether or not they would say a prayer over them, and how they would pay for them, and what they would wear during that meal, and, if cooked, how, and what sort of bed they would have arisen from, and what else they might be doing while having the breakfast—talking to someone (who), in person or on a device (what?), and who would be allowed to do that, and what they might feel safe in saying. Breakfast can take you quite far.

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Travel Plans: BRLA/NOLA

Here in SW Ohio, the rain has finally turned into snow and the temperatures are dropping fast. Le Tony promises me he is driving up to Oxford from Cincinnati tonight so that we can depart for Baton Rouge tomorrow morning. I am seriously anxious about his driving in this weather! To keep my mind occupied until he does arrive - or, calls to tell me he won’t be driving up until morning/the storm passes - I have been researching things to do in Baton Rouge and New Orleans! 

While I’ll be in the South for ~10-12 days (weather in Ohio determining when we’ll actually get there!) and we’ve both got a lot of work to do to prep for the upcoming semester. BUT, we plan to make a day trip to NO & I hope see all the tourist attractions in BR. I know that this first trip won’t be my last, so, whatever we don’t get to this time will be on the radar for next time!

In One Day in New Orleans (& if I’m lucky, I’ll get to Milkfish!)
10 Things to Do in Baton Rouge

December 27-January 2
  • Vito’s pizza & piña coladas
  • Coffee/shopping with Bri
  • Back to Oxford, with a 1 hour, 20 minute traffic jam!
  • NYE dinner at Meritage, Hilton Cincinnati, & Know Theater Speakeasy Party with le Tony + Audra, John, & Andrew
  • NYD Napping & list writing & reflecting
  • Jan. 2 back to work! Finished GSA proposals, planned my reading schedule & started reading for master’s exam, began planning my spring lit/comp class, drafted RCGS abstract

Weekend Wishlist:

  • dinner/double date with Le Tony’s parents
  • finish RCGS abstract (due Monday)
  • read, read, read
  • pack for Baton Rouge! (leaving Monday!)
For practice in 2014:

* indicates something I still struggle with practicing that carries over from previous years’ lists


  • *drink more water: 2-3 (Sigg/Nalgene) bottles per day 
  • *drink more tea, less coffee
  • *more consistently eat 5-7 servings of fruits/vegetables per day
  • *workout/gym 3x per week
  • asleep by midnight every night, up by 8 am


  • *make grocery lists and stick to them - no impulse buys (like pastries or sale items or stock piling)
  • pack hearty lunches and dinners on Tuesdays in Spring 2014 semester
  • pay off credit card balances on American Express, Discover, and Visa by December 2014


  • Go paperless & use electronic calendars on phone/computer this year


  • Continue: Monthly closet/drawer sorting: what do I wear? what don’t I? what can be repurposed? what could make someone else happier? why am I holding onto this? 
  • NO BUYING ON IMPULSE, especially kitchen wares, nail polish, jewelry, shoes, accessories, books, or stationary
  • *Delete music I do not listen to or like from iTunes
  • Continue: the self-imposed 1-year hiatus from buying new clothes (ends June 4, 2014)
  • When I can buy new clothes, be deliberate about what kinds of clothes I need, and continue my 2012 practice of buying them second hand/thrifting


  • Call my sister, mom, and grandma once per week - just to talk


  • Check social media ONCE per day; keep Facebook logged out
  • Remember that social media is FOR ME, not for everyone I follow, friend, etc. Delete/unfolllow/etc. those who do no contribute to making social media positive experiences for me. 
  • Check Miami e-mail only twice per day, only during work hours (7am-7pm) and keep inbox empty by using labels to organize & Turn off email notifications on my iPhone
  • *Turn off computer by 11 pm
  • *Schedule TV/Netflix watching time and NONE after 10 pm. 
  • I liked Kasey’s idea about not having her phone in her bedroom. Since I have flatmates, my situation doesn’t make that quite as possible, but, I propose not having my phone in bed with me or keeping it always on my bedside table and using it as an alarm. Instead, I shall keep the phone across the room in either my reading nook or on my desk, and I will only use it sitting in my reading or desk chairs when I am in my bedroom. No more talking on the phone or dillydallying with my apps in bed. 
  • See “Environment,” CC: Calendar


  • Don’t let my social life be consumed with my work life this semester as I prep for my master’s exam, but also do not let my social life get in the way of effective preparation
  • See “Soul Care,” CC: calling sister, mom, grandma
  • Try the wine bar in Oxford


  • *Cook dinner 3x per week
  • Clean room/apartment once weekly
  • 1- 30 minute walk every day (as transportation or as leisure)


  • *Plan outfits for the week on Sundays


  • Fingers crossed for Ph.D. acceptances and potential move in my future (possible destinations: Ann Arbor, Columbus, Twin Cities, Madison, WI, or San Diego)
  • Chicago (November 2014)
  • Baton Rouge (next week!)


  • *…to sew: start small with buttons and simple mending


  • Work during work hours (7 am-7 pm M-F, noon-7 pm Sat, Sun)
  • *create work spaces and make home a relaxation space
  • *Take meaningful study breaks and full lunch hours (i.e. not social media breaks)
  • Submit another thing for publishing (and embrace potential rejection and entertain possible acceptance) — I found the perfect venue. Details TBA after April 15!
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