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Sweet potato hummus. Yes, that’s right. #lunch #culinarygoodess

Sweet potato hummus. Yes, that’s right. #lunch #culinarygoodess

October 18-24
  • Jazz Reception + O’Pub drinks with Sandra and Sarah
  • Squash-Apple soup failure
  • PSL cupcakes round 2
  • Gym 2x
  • Reading list meeting with Anita + positive progress
  • Birthday gift from Christina!!
  • Advising meeting with Mad
  • Chats with my sister
  • Sweet potato mac & cheese casserole!

Weekend Wishlist:

  • Costume Party/Minnie Mouse
  • PSL cupcakes round 3 (perfection)
  • MAASU Leadership Retreat presentation
  • NYC prep
All I want for Christmas is Jack.

All I want for Christmas is Jack.

October 11-17
  • Cleveland roadtrip for the Zetzer wedding
    Panera lunch, finally! 
    LE TONY!!!
    Pumpkin spice macarons
    Rehearsal dinner, old friends, new acquaintances
    The wedding & the reception & dancing all night long
  • Catching up on the work and the sleep
  • Sent reading list & rationale draft to committee chair. Fingers crossed that she likes it.
  • $45 on dry cleaning and clothing repairs
  • Ricardo Bohl’s lecture on quinoa
  • Oxmag reading + drinks with friends

Weekend wishlist:

  • Jazz Reception
  • Soup
  • PSL Cupcakes 
  • productivity
The middle ground is where we actually live. It is where we - all of us, in our different places and ways - make our homes.

William Cronon, “The Trouble with Wilderness”

Thinking of Kenyon today. <3

October 4-10
  • MEGAA party
  • Sleepover with Bren + Farmer’s market morning
  • Saturday productivity
  • Green tea & lavender bath
  • 40 Student conferences in two days
  • Culinary adventure: Squash bowls!
  • Zodiac at Peabody Manor
  • Oil change and a clean bill of health on my car
  • Casserole dish find at TJ Maxx!
  • 11th Month anniversary Letter from le Tony with a Panera gift card!
  • Beautiful manicure + weekend prep

Weekend Wishlist

  • Panera
  • Elliot & Nicole’s Wedding/Cleveland/Miami Mergers/Kenyon Konnections
We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.
Jonathan Gottschall, The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human  (via thatkindofwoman)

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September 27-October 4
  • Saturday productivity - in which I sent my letter writers and mentors my Ph.D. writing samples and statements. 
  • Tuesday errands 
  • Jody Bates fiction reading/Tomorrowland release
  • Tiffany Yip presentation and reception 
  • Pumpkin & Sausage pasta
  • Heatwave. UGH. 

Weekend Wishlist: 

  • MLB Playoffs
  • MEGAA Party
  • Sleepover
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Colder weather
Masterchef Junior

 I’m not sorry to say that I just don’t buy it. First, the just plain annoying high-pitched voices and their over-enthusiastic love of every single thing the judges say or do, I can’t even. Second, the groups of 8 cooking vastly different foods wasn’t exactly fair. Third, the way these kids talk about food, cook it, and plate it? These kids are not “home cooks.” For the most part, they seem like some very upper middle class kids with whose parents sent them to some fancy cooking classes, multiple years in a row. 

White Americans always think racism is a feeling, and they reject it or they embrace it. To most [white] Americans, it seems more honorable and nicer to reject it, so they do, but they almost invariably fail to understand that how they feel means very little to black Americans, who understand racism as a way of structuring American culture, American politics, and the American economy.
Jane Smiley, Say it Ain’t So, Huck: Second thoughts on Mark Twain’s ‘Masterpiece’  (via processedlives)

(via fascinasians)

The Internet is full of geniuses. I just grilled a frozen pizza. #dinner

The Internet is full of geniuses. I just grilled a frozen pizza. #dinner

Tags: dinner

September 20-26
  • Grilled/smoked eggplant 
  • Basil-lime-chicken dinner a la Bret & Tyler 
  • Writing Center Boot Camp
  • Sunday Art/Arch productivity
  • Gym 3x
  • Reading list meeting with Theresa K 
  • Wednesday night gossip 
  • Fall season premeires

Weekend Wishlist: 

  • pizza & beer 
  •  finishing up writing sample, Ph.D. statements
  • NeMLA proposals
Debut of my white pencil skirt. #teaching #fashion #wednesday

Debut of my white pencil skirt. #teaching #fashion #wednesday

September 13-19
  • PhD apps meeting with Yu-Fang
  • OTR walking with Brittney, run-in with le Tony’s grandpa, dinner at Lavomatic
  • Farmer’s market and Uptown walking 
  • Kenyon College Football at Earlham College, sadly a loss
  • Fiesta Charra dinner & drinks
  • Sunday morning reading & tea drinking 
  • Insidious Chapter 2
  • sending Brittney off on the Megabus
  • OxMag reading & Wednesday night drinks at Quarter Barrel 
  • Thursday discussion leading in eco-crit seminar 

Weekend Wishlist: 

  • Baba ganoush
  • Writing Boot Camp
  • fall temperatures
  • finish grading Inquiry 1
» BIG BROTHER 15: End of Season Rant / Reflection


Categorically, Big Brother 15 will go down as one of the worst seasons ever… when ironically, it was maybe one of the most harshly real depictions of majority-minority relations in America. It may not have been as fun as BB14, or as rigged as BB13 (thank God), but it will surely never be forgotten. When a reality show can transcend it’s own scripting (Diary Room) and awful competitions to actually focus on a greater social issue… that is something that needs to happen more often. If only the producers could have handled it a little bit better…

Sometimes I want to ask strangers to co-author my future papers about these very topics. 

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